The rise of AI has sent shockwaves throughout the digital world, with many asking the question: will it replace or embrace human designers?

In an effort to unveil the truth, we have embarked on a journey to explore the impact of AI on the design industry. This research report takes a dive into understanding the inner workings of AI, investigating its potential impact on design by exploring the evolution of UX design, and summarizing insights into future predictions and preparations. By tapping into the expertise of industry professionals and analyzing various resources from books to research papers, we have gained a comprehensive insight into the intersection of AI and design.

Introduction to AI and Design
Evolution of UX Design
Impact of AI on UX Design
Predictions and Preparations

Why Should we care

But why should mindful makers care about this topic? As makers, we believe our creations should be purposefully created that we cover everything from its inception to execution. And with the advent of AI, it's crucial that we recognize and understand the potential impact it could have on our work. By staying informed and mindful, we can take a more intentional approach to our creative process.

In "Big Data, Big Design: Why Designers Should Care About Artificial Intelligence," Helen Armstrong also contends that,

“We should not trust a technology that has no true understanding of human consequences to take the lead. Instead, we human designers have to blaze the path forward ourselves.”
It's also important to emphasize that this research report should not be considered a conclusive answer, but rather a starting point for a larger conversation. We invite you and other stakeholders to collaborate with us in exploring the complex intersection of AI and design. Together, we can spread awareness and stay ahead of the curve.
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